Students' Commitment

We do not look for customers who buy an aligner course but doctors who share our values

1. I acknowledge that orthodontic treatment is part of any individual’s healthcare; therefore, it is important to dedicate as much time as possible to its diagnosis, planning, and execution.

2. I understand that clear aligners treatment requires as much preparation as any other technique. It is important to combine it with auxiliary techniques in most cases to achieve an excellent result.

3. I assume that careful orthodontic planning starts with careful intraoral, extraoral, and cephalometric analysis. After digital treatment planning and aligner manufacturing, careful monitoring of occlusion and clinical evolution is mandatory.

4. I recognize that different clinical situations require different treatment approaches, and that no “protocol” will solve every situation since science varies from individual to individual.

5. I hereby commit myself to daily training, following instructions to analyze my digital treatment plans, read articles, review lectures, and dedicate time to the study of every single contact to achieve a deeper comprehension of clear aligner biomechanics.

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