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  • Enjoy a 40 week contents program
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  • 6 assigments per week to allow you define your protocols
  • Structured series of articles, webinars and readings
  • Written acces to our podcast contents

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Learn and ASK any question LIVE
  • Everything included on standard PLUS
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We are that sure that you will love Common Sense Aligners that we give you 30 days refund guarantee, no questions.

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Why should you choose us?

This program has been created to improve Orthodontic treatment through an aligner mentoring experience.

We want you to do it, without “standard protocols”, just applying your knowledge on fixed appliances to clear aligners.

Welcome to a new way of learning learn through: listen, analyze, see, read, and write.

With us, your own knowledge will stay with your for the rest of your professional life.

What is the best aligner mentoring?

Whenever you plan to take a training course, here are a few things we suggest you take into consideration:

  • Do not look only for protocols: they are good in a few cases but superficial. To plan perfect treatments you need someone who helps you understand deeply how the technique works.
  • Search online who is presenting: previous publications of articles in journals or books talk about the speaker and its intention to teach and make you learn. You don’t want just lectures without caring of you learning or not.
  • Pay attention to learning path: two hundred hours of videos is OK if you want to watch Game of Thrones, but learning something usually requires something different. Tests, reading contents, analyzing your own work… they help you creating a deep vision on what you are trying to learn.
  • Discover a comfortable way of learning: online is great because you can do it from home. Face to face is awesome because you can ask LIVE questions. Maybe you can have a lecturer in your house to ask questions… or join Common Sense Aligners live sessions every week comfortably from home.
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