Our pillars and goals

Understand the connection between clinical and virtual.

Access strong educational content to understand why and how teeth movement happens with aligners in three dimensions of space.

Access the latest published evidence in Orthodontics.

Enjoy reading ideal articles to become proficient in treatment planning with clear aligners. Improve your knowledge and skills in this area.

Biomechanics are important for every aligner system.

Analyse the content that is applicable to all aligners brands worldwide since the mechanics are the same regardless of the system used.

Learn step-by-step

Committing to rigorous and ongoing study helps in achieving professional goals and advancing in this exciting field.

Create your
own protocols

Resources are available in different formats to allow you to create your own criteria for treating your own cases.

Embrace every treatment philosophy

Apply your diagnosis and clinical management for each case. Our focus is only on how to perform movements in the best way.

What makes us different?

For over a decade, we have thoroughly analyzed the mechanics of tooth movement with clear aligners. Through our experience, we have identified the key force vectors that contribute to the success of digital treatment plans, and condensed this knowledge into our aligner course. With practical exercises, live lessons, and customized content, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how aligners and teeth respond to different force vectors. 

Hundreds of doctors worldwide have improved their patients’ quality of life by enhancing their understanding of aligner biomechanics with our course. 

Care to join us?

Download the Course Program

Download the course curriculum, teaching methods and more information. 

Treat orthodontic problems with confidence

Common Sense Aligners boosts your orthodontic knowledge from the ground up, giving you the confidence to treat patients with simple to complex cases and achieve exceptional results in your clinical practice. 

With a deeper understanding of how every change affects the outcome, you’ll take your skills to the next level and be able to plan aligner treatments with ease and enjoyment.

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