Books by dr. Javier Lozano

I have been sharing my knowledge for more than a decade, publishing my own books and research studies, as well as collaborating with other top doctors in orthodontics and general dentistry manuals, including my book on Invisalign with Dr. Susana Palma.

I am proud to have authored several titles beyond Clear aligners and Invisalign, reflecting my extensive knowledge in various areas of dentistry. This section offers a collection of books that you can download or purchase, covering diverse topics in dentistry that I hope you will find informative and enjoyable.

Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics - Invisalign book

Best-seller on Clear aligners in the World, published by Wiley Blackwell including videos of ClinChecks of every case


Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics - Invisalign book

One of the most important translations into Chinese of this comprehensive book in clear aligners

Paediatric dentistry and Orthodontics

Guide about Paediatric Dentistry to help practictioners to assess the temporary dentition in kids and teenagers.

White book on Dental Hygiene - Orthodontics

In this publication he collaborated with several experts on Dental Hygiene to analyze the current status of this profession in Spain

Preventive Dentistry and Aligner Orthodontics

Preventive Dentistry is highly related to Orthodontic, improving patient quality of life, which he analyzes on two chapters

Recipes for good oral health

A "different" text, associated to food properties to improve oral health, written in collaboration with doctors Macarena Rodríguez and Fernando García

Doctoral Thesis Dr Lozano

On his PdD doctor Lozano analyzed the impact of internet on dental information, to improve relationship between patients and providing any treatment, as Clear aligners

Ortodoncia Clínica con Alineadores

Spanish version of his essential guide to the theoretical and practical clinical information on this Invisalign book

La experiencia transparente

This patient-focused book was the first of its kind, providing anyone interested on Clear aligners with accurate information on the Invisalign biomechanics

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