Let me introduce myself:  

I was born in Murcia and trained in Dentistry at the University of the same town, where I also obtained my PhD in 2010.

I completed my Orthodontic postgraduate program at CEU University in Madrid. After this, I completed several continuing education programs to increase my knowledge of fixed labial and lingual appliances, as well as clear aligners. 

Having become one of the leaders in his region in the field of clear aligner treatment, I joined the Ortodoncis Group, where I met Key Opinion Leaders such as doctors Arturo Vela, Diego Peydró, Susana Palma, Manuel Román, Ramón Perera, Daniel Aragón, and gained much insight into their views on clear aligners.

I have lectured on different topics in Dentistry with a strong focus on scientific evidence, and firmly believe in facing problems step-by-step as this is the only way to train others.

Running a multidisciplinary practice in my hometown has provided me with a vast knowledge of how to approach both patients and team members. Later, I founded a group of clinics exclusively focused on clear aligners, where I was able to lead a big group of doctors in providing services for more than five years.

Having completed over 300 lectures all over the world exclusively on clear aligner biomechanics, I have now designed the Common Sense Aligners program to help doctors across the globe in increasing their knowledge. This program is carefully designed to focus on “learning” rather than “showing” to help others plan their treatment plans perfectly.

Where have I been lecturing about clear aligners?

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