What is the Common Sense Aligners program?

Welcome, dear visitors, to a training program designed and developed by the highly renowned and experienced Dr. Javier Lozano.

We aim to offer you an excellent opportunity to enhance your expertise in clear aligner treatments, understanding the complexities of aligner biomechanics and achieving excellence in orthodontic treatments.

Dr. Javier, with his vast knowledge and substantial experience in clear aligners, is dedicated to making you a pro at the art of orthodontics. You can go through his impressive career journey, stories, and experiences that have shaped him into one of the most respected and iconic orthodontic professionals.

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Where does CSA come from?

After more than a decade of analyzing how teeth move with clear aligners, I realized concrete patterns of simple force vectors in every digital treatment plan.

This reminded me of Dr. Mulligan. When I started studying Orthodontics, everything was somehow confusing: craniofacial growth, utility archwires… but I remember reading his book and articles on Common Sense Mechanics in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, and I thought, “This all makes sense.”

Therefore, I decided that to honor his role in my comprehension of Orthodontics, I would put forth my best effort to explain in a simple way how aligners and teeth react to every force vector we design.

I am glad to help so many doctors all over the world understand aligner biomechanics and improve their patients’ quality of life.

Our online mentoring

Are you ready to take your orthodontic treatment planning skills to the next level and improve your clear aligner treatments? The Clear Aligners Master’s program is perfect for you.

Our virtual campus features a free “Aligner Calculator” that can help you plan every type of case and provide you with key tips and strategies. It is designed to encourage and assist you in developing educational skills that will be beneficial to you throughout your professional life.

We want our students to think critically, gain knowledge through reading and analyzing cases, and actively engage with the material without relying on external protocols.

Depending on the module of the course, you will acquire new knowledge according to the learning path we have designed for you. As you complete each part, the next one will become available.

You will also learn about the importance of troubleshooting and how, by deeply understanding the requirements for orthodontic treatment, we can achieve excellent results.

In order for the learning process to be successful, we employ effective teaching strategies such as listening, viewing, writing, and reading.

These strategies ensure that students develop a habit of learning that they can carry with them throughout their education. We invite you to experience our revolutionary mentoring program and take your knowledge and experience to new heights.

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