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UNDERSTAND aligner treatments, from A to Z

An all-encompassing program on clear aligners, covering all you need to know about clinical treatment, marketing strategies and management techniques

Beyond tooth movement

Make your aligner treatments grow in numbers and quality

In 1979 Thomas F. Mulligan published a series of articles in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, which later on were put altogether on the book Common Sense Mechanics in Everyday Orthodontics.

At Common Sense Aligners, we have been working for a long time on a deep biomechanical program which will allow any Orthodontist understand how teeth move with aligners.

Together with this, you will enjoy a full set of resources, contents, templates and materials to set your clinic as a reference in clear aligners in your region, treating as many patients as you want to.



We have created a program that helps doctors creating a world filled with better smiles. 

Common Sense Mechanics

Any force applied to any tooth will create a counterforce that has to be analized. Aligners mechanics excel certain movements and require auxiliaries for some others, specially those concerning teeth roots


“Action and reaction” are clear concepts that can be replicated, which is a goal for us. Deep understanding of differences between “false friends” is key for learning, and you will be doing it with your own cases soon.


“Recipes” and “before and afters” are good, but only through Science we might master Orthodontics. Both from fixed appliances and clear aligners, mechanics stay relatively the same with a differential approach.

our aligners

Download our program and find out how our course is structured to fit your needs on aligner biomechanics.

Our methodology


Ask any questions you may have during our LIVE SESSIONS

Pay attention to the questions asked by other doctors as well! 

Review LIVE cases in small groups.

Send us your questions on any topic not meant to be covered on the CLINICAL Q&A LIVE session


Create a 200 words resume after the lecture: our Faculty will review it to check your comprehension of the topic.

1  written chapter carefully made for you

Take a test to ensure you fully understood biomechanics in it


Specific presentations with clear graphics will make it easy for you to understand each step.

After watching the weekly webinar, you will take a test to reinforce knowledge.


Each week, review the clinical instructions for one of your cases. Check for any changes after a set of aligners have been put on and identify two areas for improvement. 

Our team will give you feedback as needed.

Review selected sets of patient photos, identify misfitting or other clinical issues. 

After completing this analysis, a detailed explanation will be given to you in order to determine the proper solution.


Write down a 500 words communication/ management strategy after listening to our podcast.

Our team will review it and suggest improvements you can implement easily in your own office to grow your aligner ecosystem.



Without big marketing departments, the combination of our communication and management techniques will help you grow your office in an elegant way.

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