We Are Going Online

Hey there, doctor! Javier Lozano has been working intensely on this new e-learning program.

He has set a mentoring program that, as Dr. Mulligan did more than 40 years ago, helps doctors creating a world filled with better smiles… with Invisalign or any other clear aligner brand.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We have been working for a long time  to create a deep biomechanical program which allows any Orthodontic professional understand how teeth move with aligners: don’t think just on optimized attachments, but on staging, auxiliaries… with a deep comprehension of the system.

The foundations of the course are:

  • Common Sense
  • Scientific Evidence
  • Replicability
  • Analysis

During the 10 module course program doctors will:

  • Ask: on clinical Q&A sessions
  • Read: peer-review articles and original articles written by Dr. Lozano
  • See: our weekly webinar
  • Analyze: Clinical instructions of one of their cases  
  • Listen: Our newly created Podcast on clinical Growth

And of course pass the different test, tasks and assignments proposed to be able to continue with the following modules. 

If you want to become a MASTER IN ALIGNERS, if you commit to learn, to read, to see to analize and to listen this course is for you.

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Dr. Lozano has created an entire site that will assist the students and professionals boosting their knowledge and confidence while working on Clear Aligners from optimized attachments to TADs integration. 

With our Aligner Calculator we will let you know the most likely scenario and aligner package selection for each of your cases, and we will give you suggestions to make your cases as predictable as possible defining if you need conventional or optimized attachments or a concrete staging pattern. 

Free DEMO access

  • 1. Attachments webinar

  • 2. Biomechanics reading

  • 3. Occlusion analysis

  • 4. Technology podcast

  • 5. Attachments article

  • 6. Clincheck review

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